Software is BIG Business

One thing is for sure these days.

Software is BIG business. ¬†With corporate giants all around us like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Amazon worth billions of dollars¬†there’s no argument that if you want to strike it rich, you just need to go fishing in their ponds.

Software Jobs

One way to tap into the riches of these big corporate giants is to become a contributing member to their teams.

And there’s one job title that beats all the others combined in terms of popularity.

  • Programmer

Programmers tend to make up around 50% of ALL the hires made by these software giants, and it’s no wonder, because that’s what made these companies rich to begin with.

The demand for good programmers has become so fierce that companies are now dropping the arbitrary requirement of “College / University level education” from their hiring prerequisites. They finally realized that just because a programmer has attained a degree in a programming related field, doesn’t mean they will be a good programmer.

In fact, after conducting a few interviews with CEOs, it was evident that a lot of their BEST programmers were actually hired with no post-secondary education at all.

Where can I learn to Code?

The internet is filled with websites claiming that they can teach you how to code. And rightfully so, since there is such a high demand for programmers, the salary of a programmer (as well as the working culture) is quite lucrative. The average senior level programmer makes around $90,000 / year plus benefits.

But where can you really go to get a great well rounded education in a way that’s easy to understand and follow along with.

Java Video TutorialsAfter hearing what the students over at are saying, we have found the place for you.

Java is the #1 programming language in the world when it comes to job opportunities. So if you’re in it to give yourself the best chances of finding a job and striking it rich as a programmer, then look no further than the Java programming language.

Java is so popular that it serves both web application programming as well a mobile application programming. This means that you can make web applications (like Facebook) as well as mobile applications (like Angry Birds) with the Java programming language… talk about a double whammy!

So be sure to go and check out what the students are saying over at and sign yourself up to start your journey to the top today.

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